Department of Music

Notice Board/Circulars

117/04/2018M.A. Music (Vocal & Instruments) Semester-IV Session 2017-18 (Month of March)
217/04/2018M.A. Music (Vocal & Instruments) Semester-II Session 2017-18 (Month of March)
315/03/2018Attendance of month of February of M.A. Music Semester-IV (Vocal & Instrumental) Session 2017-18
415/03/2018Attendance of month of February of M.A. Music Semester-II (Vocal & Instrumental) Session 2017-18
505/03/2018Attendance of month of January of M.A. Music Semester-IV (Vocal & Instrumental) Session 2017-18
605/03/2018M.A. Music (Vocal & Instrumental) semester-II session 2017-18 attendance of January 2018
707/11/2017Attendance of M.A. Music Semester-III (Vocal&Instrumental) month of October 2017
807/11/2017Attendance of M.A. Music Semester-I (Vocal&Instrumental) month of October 2017
927/10/2017Attendance of M.A. Music Semester-III (Vocal & Instrumental) Session 2017-18
1027/10/2017Attendance of M.A. Music Semester-I (Vocal & Instrumental) Session 2017-18
1114/09/2017attendance of M.A. semester III (V&I) juily & august 2017
1228/08/2017attendance of M.A. Semeter-I music (Vocal & Instrumental) session 2017-18
1310/04/2017Attendance of M.Phil Semester-II
1410/04/2017Attendance of M.A. Semester-IV
1510/04/2017Attendance of M.A Semester-II
1614/03/2017M.Phil Semester-II
1714/03/2017Attendance of M.A. Semester-II
1927/02/2017M.A. Semester-II
2016/12/2016Attendance of M.Phil
2124/11/2016Attendance of M.Phil Moth of October 2016
2216/11/2016Attendance of M.A. Music (Vocal & Instrumental) Semester-III
2316/11/2016Attendance of M.A. Music (Vocal & Instrumental) Semester-I
2415/09/2016Rules of Attendance
2514/09/2016Attendance of M.A Semester-I
2614/09/2016Attendance of M.A. Semester-III

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