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Noticeboard: General Notices / Department Circular / Notifications

2. 31/01/2024Security Help Line Numbers
3. 29/01/2024Mr. Rajesh Kumar Public Viva Voce Notice for dated 09.02.2024 at 12.30 pm
4. 29/01/2024Awareness of Sexual Harassment Poster dated 29.01.2024
5. 25/01/2024Awareness of Sexual Harassment Email of dated 24.01.2024 from PU ICC
6. 24/01/2024Mentor Mentee List for 2nd and 4th Semeter Session 2023-24
7. 15/01/2024Admission Schedule for Ph.D. for January 2024 Cycle
8. 02/01/2024Time Table for 2nd and 4th Semester Session 2023-24
9. 26/12/2023PMS Scholarship Regarding Circular to keep DMCs Degree Pending
10. 21/12/2023Student Aid Fund form
11. 21/12/2023Tution Fee Concession whose both are not surviving or only mother survives
12. 11/12/2023Revised fees 2023-24 in Panjab University
13. 08/12/2023Placement Officer for Dept. of Music TPO
14. 20/11/2023Fee Concessions forms for the Session 2023-24
15. 27/10/2023Counsellors to Counsel the University Students 26.10.2023
16. 25/10/2023Hostel Information Mandatory Form to be filled by the Students
17. 25/10/2023Guest Faculty Recruitment mandatory Annexure - 2
18. 25/10/2023Scholarship Scheme under National E-Scholarship Portal for the year 2023-24
19. 25/10/2023PMS students fee regarding Notice 2024-25
20. 20/10/2023Fee to be submitted by the Students who are under Post Matric Scholarship
21. 18/10/2023Guest Faculty Annexure for New Recruitment
22. 13/10/2023Interview Notice for the post of Guest Faculty of Music (Instrumental)
24. 30/09/2023JOINING REPORT-Earn while one Learn Scheme
25. 30/09/2023Mr. Purnendu-Public Viva Voce on 05.10.2023 at 12.10 p.m.
26. 25/09/2023Application Sarbat Da Bhalla Charitable Trust Scholarship Last Date Oct.15 2023
27. 25/09/2023Sarbat Da Bhall Charitable Trust Scholarship Scheme Session 2023-24 Last Date 15 October 2023
28. 22/09/2023Public Viva Voce of Mr. Amrit Pal Singh on 25.09.2023 at 3.30 p.m.
29. 22/09/2023Public Viva Voce of Ms. Nishthaa Bains on 25.09.2023 at 12.30 p.m.
30. 14/09/2023Fee confirmation before providing DMC Degree
32. 13/09/2023Application Form for Assistant Professor
34. 29/08/2023Examination Schedule and Last dates for submission of Exam Forms for December 2023
35. 28/08/2023Offer to your students Universal Human Values (UHV) as a Value Added Course (VAC) 2023
36. 25/08/2023Application are invited under Earn While One Learns Scheme Last Date 08.09.2023
37. 10/08/2023Swar Sankalap - Stage Performance for 3rd Semester Students
38. 10/08/2023Public Viva Voce of Mr. Deepak Verma on 11.08.2023
39. 04/08/2023Mentor Mentee List of Department of Music, P.U.
40. 04/08/2023PO COS M.A. Music PHD
41. 04/08/2023PO COS M.A. Music Instrumental Course
42. 04/08/2023PO COS M.A. Music Vocal Course
43. 17/10/2023PMS Circular 13.10.2023 regarding submission of documents
44. 20/07/2023A.C. Joshi Library Members Procedure for Session 2023-24
45. 17/07/2023Admission Form and Fee Notice for 3rd Semester Session 2023-24 for NOTICE BOARD
46. 12/07/2023Hostel Admission Form 2023-24
47. 11/07/2023Hobby Class - Deptt. of Music, P.U. Circular
48. 11/07/2023Sports Trial Postponed for Admission 2023-24
49. 11/07/2023Fee Structure for ongoing Classes 3rd, Advance Practical Course and Hobby Course
50. 22/06/2023Admission Announcement for 2023-24
51. 15/06/2023Admission Announcement for 2023-24 - Online Link
52. 01/06/20232nd Notice Admission Notice M.A. Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Advance Course
53. 01/06/20231st Notice of PU Admission 2023-24
54. 24/05/2023Overall all Assessment of Feed Back 2021-22
55. 24/05/2023PARENTS FEEDBACK 2021-22
59. 11/05/2023Public Viva Voce of Ms. Gurpreet Kaur on 17.05.2023
60. 11/05/2023Public Viva Voce of Ms. Naseeb Kaur on 15.05.2023
61. 11/05/2023Mr. Jagtar Singh Panesar Pre Submission Viva Voce Notice on 11.05.2023
62. 08/05/2023Panjab University Alumni Association A place to engage, rejoice and empower
63. 17/04/2023Date sheet for Practical Examinations of M.A. Music 2nd and 4th Semester to be held in April 2023
64. 17/04/2023Academic Calendar for ongoing and New Admission 2023
65. 22/03/2023MST Date Sheet for Semester 2 and 4 w.e.f. 28.03.2023
66. 27/02/2023Pre Submission Viva Notice - Mr. Rajesh Kumar Verma on 06.03.2023 at 12.30 p.m.
67. 03/02/2023Pending DMCs and Degrees as on 03.02.2023 lying in the Department of Music PU
68. 30/01/2023Medical Leave Form for the Students
69. 24/01/2023List of Holiday 2023
70. 16/01/2023Registration docket of Ph.D. Candidates as on 16.01.2023
71. 16/01/2023PHD Docket to be submitted by the student of PH.D. after Public Viva Voce as on 16.01.2023
72. 13/01/2023Lohri Celebration 2023
73. 10/01/2023Applications are invited under Earn While One Learns Scheme Last Date 20.01.2023 Form to apply is attached
74. 09/01/2023Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2022.
75. 06/01/2023Revised - PHD Docket to be submitted by the student of PH.D. after Public Viva Voce
76. 23/12/2022Pubilc Viva Voce of Ms. Kavita Sukhija on 27.12.2022 at 3 p.m.
77. 07/12/2022Online Viva Voce Notice of Mr. Rishu Kumar on 08.12.2022
78. 30/11/2022Mr. Rishu Kumar Public Viva Voce Notice on 08.12.2022 at 12.00 noon
79. 03/11/2022Date Sheet MST w.e.f. 10.11.2022
80. 03/11/2022Guest Faculty Interview will be held on 09.11.2022
81. 31/10/2022Vigilance Awareness Week 2022 Administration of Integrity Pledge on 31.10.2022
82. 31/10/2022Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Celebration on 31.10.2022
83. 18/10/2022Public Notices-Interview for the Guest Faculties Postponed
84. 15/10/2022Registration Last Date for Admitted Candidates 2022-23
85. 13/10/2022Guest Faculties interviews in the Department of Music, PU, Chd. Postponed and Rescheduled on 20.10.22 at 11 a.m.
86. 10/10/2022Dr. Diwakar Kashyap Lecture-cum-Demonstration on 12.10.2022 at 11.00 a.m.
87. 10/10/2022Rules for Lecture Condonation on the basis of Medical Leave 10.10.2022 by Health Centre PU
88. 08/10/2022Mr. Ravi Parkash Public Viva Voce Notice on 10.10.2022 at 1 p.m.
89. 30/09/2022M.A. Music (Vocal) 2nd Merit List of Selected Candidates for Session 2022-23 Dated 30.09.2022
90. 30/09/2022Pre Submission Viva Notice - Ms. Gurpreet Kaur on 03.10.2022
91. 29/09/2022Ph.D. Viva Voce of Ms. Harpreet Kaur on 29.09.2022
93. 28/09/2022M.A. Music (Instrumental) List of Selected Candidates for Session 2022-23
94. 28/09/2022M.A. Music (Vocal) List of Selected Candidates for Session 2022-23
95. 09/09/2022National Essay writing Competition 09.09.2022
96. 25/08/2022Pre-RDC Notice - 25.08.2022 (two lists)
97. 23/08/2022Earn While Learns Scheme Extension of Term for Academic Session 2022-23
98. 22/08/2022Extension of last date of online admission form for PG courses upto 01.09.2022
99. 18/08/2022Lecture cum demonstration by Pandit Joydeep Ghosh on 23.08.2022
100. 18/08/2022Observance of Sadbhavana Diwas on18.08.2022
101. 17/08/2022Organisation of Two Days Value Added Courses on 17.08.2022 and 18.08.2022
102. 16/08/2022Auction Notice scheduled on 26.08.2022 Friday in the Department of Music, PU
103. 08/08/2022Revised Schedule Ms. Naseeb Kaur - Pre Submission Viva notice on 11.08.2022 at 2.30 p.m.
104. 05/08/2022FORM for Earn while one Learns Scheme
105. 04/08/2022Provisional Time Table for Odd Semester w.e.f. 08.08.2022
106. 03/08/2022Ms. Naseeb Kaur - Pre Submission Viva notice on 09.08.2022 in PU
107. 01/08/2022Fee Notice and Form for 3rd Semester Students Session 2022-23
108. 29/07/2022NOTICE FOR “EARN WHILE ONE LEARNS SCHEME” Last date 05.08.2022
109. 27/07/2022Classes will commences w.e.f. 08.08.2022 for 3rd Semester
110. 25/07/2022Extension of last date for applying to PG courses for the Session 2022-23 upto 22 August, 2022
111. 12/07/2022Regarding Viva Ph.D of Mr. Gurpreet Singh
112. 01/07/2022Eligibility for Admissions in M.A. Music (Vocal & Instrumental) 2022
113. 01/07/2022Admission Notice 2022-23 Last date 22.07.2022
114. 30/06/2022Ph.D Viva Voce of Mr. Sunny
115. 24/06/2022Regarding Viva Voce of Mr. Harpreet Singh
116. 23/06/2022Viva Voce of MS. Rajbir Kaur
117. 21/06/2022International Yoga Day Celebration on 20.06.2022
118. 01/06/2022List of Selected Students - Earn While One Learns 31.05.2022
119. 29/04/2022Applications invited from students under Earn while one Learns Scheme last date 09.05.2022 4 p.m.
120. 28/04/2022Regarding Viva-Voce of Mr. Harinderpal Singh
121. 25/04/2022Regarding Viva-Voce of Ms. Shoba Kumari
122. 20/04/2022Attendance Rules - As per DUI Letter No.775-875 DUI DS dated 11.04.2022
123. 08/04/2022Regarding Viva-Voce of Ms. Jaswinder Kaur
124. 08/04/2022Revision in Rules Reservation - Rural Area Students
125. 28/03/2022Coaching for UGC-NET
126. 07/03/2022List of Eligible Candidates for Admission in Ph.D. Course in Music
127. 05/03/2022Reg. signature of the Chairperson and Supervisor in Ph.D thesis.
128. 05/03/2022Admission Schedule of Ph.D & M.Phil courses March 2022
129. 02/03/2022PU Ph.D. Fellowship last date extended to 31.03.2022
130. 21/02/2022Admission form for M.Phil in Music Deptt. 21.02.2022
131. 21/02/2022Ph.D. and M.Phil Admission Dates Extended by DUI Office upto 28 February 2022
132. 15/02/2022UGC Fellowship Important Enhancements in the UGC Scholarships Portal 11.02.2022 Email
133. 14/02/2022Notice Regarding Pre Submission Viva-voce
134. 08/02/2022Notice Regarding PH.D Viva-Voce of Ms. Reema Sharma
135. 03/02/2022Award for Panjab University Fellowship for Ph.D. 2021
136. 03/02/2022Admission Schedule for M.Phil. and Ph.D.
137. 19/01/2022Departmental Circular - Recruitment of Senior Technician G-II (Tabla Instructor) by promotion
138. 29/12/2021Ph.d Viva-Voce of Mr. Jaspal Singh
139. 27/12/2021Extension in date of Admission, Registration Returns and Examination fee
140. 20/12/2021Pre Submission Viva-Voce of Ms. Kavita Sukhija
141. 20/12/2021M.Phil Viva-Voce of Ms. Rakhi
142. 14/12/2021Notice for Hobby Classes last date 20.12.2021
144. 26/11/2021Constitution Day Celebration on 26.11.2021 at 11 a.m. - Must to be attended
145. 11/11/2021Caste Based Discrimination Circular 10.11.2020 from Office Supdtt. SC ST Cell
146. 10/11/2021Deptt. of Music will open for the students in phased manner w.e.f. 17.11.2021
147. 13/10/2021Integrity Pledge to be administered on 26.10.2021 at 11 a.m.
148. 08/10/20213nd Admission list from waiting list candidates of M.A. (Music) Instrumental
149. 08/10/2021Ph.D Viva-Voce of Mr. Manoj Kumar
150. 30/09/20213rd Admission list from waiting list candidates of M.A. (Music) Vocal
152. 27/09/20212nd Admission list from waiting list candidates of M.A. (Music) Instrumental
153. 27/09/20212nd Admission list from waiting list candidates of M.A. (Music) Vocal
154. 23/09/2021Orientation Notice for 1st Semester Students Session 2021-22
155. 23/09/2021M.A. (Music) Vocal Admission List Session 2021-22
156. 23/09/2021M.A. (Music) Instrumental Admission List-2021-22
157. 10/09/2021Aptitude Test Schedule for M.A. Music Vocal and Instrumental on September 09, 10, 11, 2021
158. 08/09/2021Ph.D Viva-Voce of Mr. Janmajay Singh
159. 02/09/2021Incorrect IFSC Code payment Concerned are required to meet to office of the Music Deptt.
160. 02/09/2021PMS Norms Guidelines for SC ST students of Punjab State
161. 02/09/2021PMS Scholarships to the students belonging to SC for Students in India
162. 02/09/2021Teacher in Charge for SC and ST students
163. 02/09/2021Notice for Fee submission for PMS Candidates
164. 17/08/2021Musical Concert on 18.08.2021 at 9.00 a.m.
165. 16/08/2021Notice Regarding Viva -Voce
166. 10/08/2021Regarding Admission Form & Fee of 3d Sem August 2021
167. 03/08/2021Webinar 'Azadi Ka Amirt Mahotsav'
168. 03/08/2021Tree Plantation Drive held on 30-07-2021
169. 17/07/2021Notice Regarding Viva Of M.Phil Candidates
170. 11/06/2021Regarding Fellowship
171. 11/06/2021Regarding Suspension of Classes
172. 07/06/2021Total Attendance Of M.A 4th Sem March 2021-May-2021
173. 07/06/2021Total Attendance M.A Music (V & I) March 2021- May-2021
174. 25/05/2021Attendane M.A IV Sem May-2021
175. 25/05/2021Attendance M.A II Sem April 2021
176. 20/04/2021Examination Fee Session-2020-2021
177. 04/03/2021Regarding selection trials of world university games 2021 (2)
178. 04/03/2021Regarding selection of trials of world university games 2021
179. 04/03/2021Fulbright scholarship for academic year 2022-23 new
180. 04/03/2021Fulbright Nehru fellowship academic year 2022-23
181. 03/03/2021Extend in the date of fees refund
182. 23/02/2021Pre-submission Viva-Voce of Ph.D. candidates i.e. Ravi parkash and Manoj Kumar
183. 23/02/2021Notice of M.Phil. Research Scholarship 2020-21
184. 18/02/2021Notice to all students and research scholars
185. 18/02/2021Invition for SICI Golden Jubilee Conference and Lecture Series Grant
186. 18/02/2021Advertisement regarding Guest Faculty
187. 18/02/2021Notice for academic and research activities
188. 10/02/2021Revised Attendance of MA 1st Semester upto Jan 2021
189. 09/02/2021Regarding hostel facility for research scholars
190. 09/02/2021Extention of date in Post matric scholarship
191. 05/02/2021Attendance of MA Music 3rd Semester for the Month of January
192. 05/02/2021Attendance of MA Music 1st Semester for the month of January 2021
193. 02/02/2021Advertisement for the post of Sr. Technician in the Deptt. of English
194. 02/02/2021Extention in the date of Assistance for SC/ST students
195. 27/01/2021Advertisement for the post of Senior Technician (G-II)
196. 27/01/2021Date extended for financial Assistance to SC/ST students of the year 2020-2021
197. 27/01/2021Notice: Commencement of Ph.d Course Work
198. 11/01/2021Notice of M.Phil. for 2nd Extention
199. 11/01/2021Notice of M.Phil. for 1st Extention
200. 11/01/2021Attendance of M.A. Music IIIrd Semester for the Month of December 2020
201. 08/01/2021Attendance of M.A. 1st Semester for the Month of December, 2020
202. 06/01/2021Pre submission of Gurpreet Singh on 07.01.2021 at 1.00 p.m
203. 30/12/2020Regarding the fees Submission last date MA III Sem
204. 30/12/2020Regarding Fee submission Last date
205. 29/12/2020Pre Submission of Ph.D candidate Rakhi Rawal
206. 10/11/2020Ph.D. Viva voce of Arshi on 11/11/2020 at 12:30 p.m.
207. 05/11/2020Attendance of guest faculty
208. 22/10/2020Vigilance Awareness Week -2020
209. 18/02/2020Ph.D. Viva Voce of Kuldeep Singh
210. 25/03/2019PhD Viva-Voce of Bhagwant kaur
211. 29/01/2019Walkin Interview for the post of Guest Faculty in Hindustani Vocal Music and Instrumental
212. 20/12/2017Applications are invited for the post of Guest faculty in Hindustani Vocal Music
213. 19/12/2017Guest faculty Interviwe Postponed on 21/12/2017 till further notification
214. 15/09/2017Applications are invited for the post of Guest faculty
215. 31/08/2017Admission of M.phil Music (Vocal & Instrumental) Semester-I session 2017-18
216. 18/03/2017Pre-PhD Course Work on 20-03-2017
217. 14/03/2017Attendance of M.A. Semester-IV
218. 03/11/2016Nation Salute Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Unidier of India
219. 20/10/2016M.Phil Semester-I (V&I)
220. 20/10/2016M.A. Semester-III (V&I)
221. 20/10/2016M.A. semester-I (V&I)
222. 19/09/2016merit list of M.Phil
223. 17/09/2016M.Phil counselling
224. 17/07/2016Approved Merit List M.A Music Instsrumental 2016-17
225. 17/07/2016Approved Merit List of M.A Music Vocal 2016-17
226. 12/07/2016counselling of M.A Music
227. 08/07/2016Admissin Notice
228. 13/10/2015Tabla accompanist
229. 24/09/2015post of Tabla Accompanist on contract basis
230. 24/09/2015post of Assistant Professor in Hindustani Vocal Music as Guest Faculty

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